P.V. Ramana , claims himself as a Research Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.

He is a major spin master of Hindutva forces who enjoy proximity with secular Indian National Congress and its favorite civil servants.  Hate poor and dalits as much as he can and he create illogical intelligence reports against leftist movements in India. Works closely with another Hindutva – Zionist research centres like ORF, SATP etc.



Bharti Jain

Bharti Jain, former ABVP activist turned Journalist.  Engaged in publishing fake news and articles against minorities, dalits.  Working with the  core media group of Hindutva ideology.  Articles and News created by Bharti Jain instantly republished among another Hindutva websites.

Working for Economic Times, New Delhi.


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Frontier India,

Frontier India Strategic and Defence is a publication of Frontier India Technology.

Frontier India  web magazine and Frontier India Technology use same CMS and is believed to be updated by spy masters, Hindutva terrorists,  and weapon agents of Indian origin. The fake patriotism thrives in India were its citizens are allowed to be left in constant hunger for decades.

Key words: Aviation, Military, Commodity, Energy, Transportation, Conflict, Environment, Intelligence, Internal Security.

The contact information seems to be false.

Chacko, Joseph
House 1C, Chappel Road, Bandra W
Mumbai,  400050,


Mobile :    9833068862



Best Bakery Arsonist

Best Bakery Arsonist

Generating porn stories and Graphics for Hindutva causes.


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Ashburn, Virginia, USA