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Hindu Holy men during Kumbh Festival

Hindu Holy men during Kumbh Festival

I am sick of those village idiots call themselves as “Proud Indians” and “Proud Hindus”.Garve se kaho hum Hindu Hay [Proudly Say that I am a Hindu] that was a slogan initiated by Sangh Parivar [Hindu militants in India] to attract socially excluded Hindu castes and Dalits to their Brahmin superiority fold.Brahmin promise is simple. “In public space, we will call you as a Hindu, Don’t ask me more”.

To those socially excluded poor Hindus, that is an attractive offer. HINDU ON DEMAND !

Super Nannies, Super Hindus

Marginalized Dalits constitutes 10 % population of Jammu and Kashmir state. People often sympathize with Brahmins, but not with Jammu’s Dalits. Everyone knows miseries of Kashmiri Brahmins (Pundits) is a fake propoganda of hindutva zealots. Dalits are still under the slavery of Pundits and their voice is unheard. Now, hindutva crooks often address them as super-Hindus to keep brahmin supremacy alive. [Yoginder Sikand, 2004]

According to Mukul Sinha, ‘Super Hindu‘ is a newly created identity by hindutva fascists to brainwash low caste Hindus. With this strategy, hindutva attracted Patels, a dominant low caste (shudra) community and used them against Muslims during Gujarat riots . [Yoginder Sikand, 2007]

In India, plenty of village idiots are fascinated by the propaganda launched by RSS on Super Hindu Billionaires.I have n’t seen any list of Super Jews, Super Christians, Super Sikhs, Super Buddhists or Super Muslims.

Now, I am wondering who are Super Hindus?Mahathma Gandhi aka “Father of Nation” was killed by another super Hindu, called Nadhuram Godse. The offense was simple. He was willing to talk to Muslim minorities in India. And the X Generation super Hindus are still proud of Godse. Read this NewYork Times Article

Mukesh Ambani don’t even talk to his brother Anil Ambani!. Don’t ask me why! Ask a Hindu Brahmin Guruji about Dharma and he will explain you why you shouldn’t talk to your brother, if you are rich. Definitely he will quote, ArthaShasthra wrote by another crooked Brahmin, Chanakya. To me, Ambanis are as good as Butch Cassidy.

The fact is that capitalism is most unfair system where the majority of the Indians has to suffer so that the bullys like Ambani brothers have their whole cake at expense of everyone else!

Yadha Raja Thadha Praja!

In India, wealth of 36 families amounts to $ 191 billion, which is one-fourth of India’s GDP while half of the world’s poor lives in this proud nation! In other words, 35 Super Hindu families own quarter of India’s GDP by leaving 85 % ordinary Hindus as poor! (Wipro’s Azim Premji is a Muslim by census)

India’s foreign exchange reserves are only $273.5 billion while for China it is $1455.

Empowerment of a nation or community is not related to the headcount of its billionaires. Please don’t talk such nonsense to us.

Ever wondered why these village idiots call Indian Culture as best No.1, world’s best, globe’s super etc?

Then never forget to read this blog :

E=mc^2 Great Indian Culture


Forbes Billionaire Club Data

Dipankar Bhattacharya on India’s Forbes Billionaires

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