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This blog is an attempt to document RSS, Hindutva Terror and its collaborators in India and abroad. You can participate in this attempt by submitting information about all those who work for Hindu fanaticism or weapon trade lobby in India.

We document all of those evil personalities who profess hatred among its own citizens on the ground of their caste, culture, tribe and religion.  We consider hindutva as the most important and immediate threat to India’s body politics as it continuously work against the interests of its own citizens.

Hindutva and India’s spy network

Hindutva enjoy enormous privilege in Indian bureaucracy , especially in  country’s security apparatus. For long time, Sangh Parivar and Indian Spy network (RAW, IB ) are well known as  twin brothers.  Mr. V.G. Vaidya, who was the  Director, Intelligence Bureau during P.V. Narasimha Rao’s regime  is the brother Shri M.G. Vaidya, the then  RSS Spokesman.  Narasimha Rao was a former RSS cadre, who later joined Indian National Congress.

From its begining, India’s intelligence bureau (IB) is wholly controlled by Hindutva ideology were dalits or minorities are not allowed to work. For long time, RAW, the Indian spy organization is the  sowing seed of communal ideological framework of Hindutva in India.

Sangh Parivar owns the credit of sowing the seed of communalism in India’s ruling class which is mesmerized by the fake patriotism, which in fact is brahmin dominated nationalism. In return,  Brahminism has received  enormous rewards with its consolidation with  Hindutva .

Hindutva  believe that every Hindu has to follow the eternal code to save the mother from foreigners, aliens, intruders, treacherous, cowardly, lazy, bearded renegades which are dalits, tribals, sikhs, christians and muslims.

Savarkar remains the first and most original prophet of  the Hindutva extremism in India. Savarkar categorized Hindus and others into self and non self.  From Savarkar the focal organization connected with the project of Hindu nationalism was RSS (Rastra Swyamsevak Sangh). RSS was founded in Nagpur in 1925. In succeeding years around it were formed the family (parivar) of front organizations namely VHP (1965 as a quasi militant body), BJP (1980, its predecessor being the Bhartiya Jana Sangh).

According to RSS, “Hindu coincides with Rastra or nationality and therefore Hindus are automatically true nationals. Members of other religions, if they denied they are Hindus were also denying that they were Indians.”

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