Indian Hindutva, the eternal genocide

This article is in reference to the recent uncovering of the Truth behind the Gujarat Genocide of Muslims in Feb-March 2002 in India.

 When someone pronunce the word ‘Genocide’, we remember Bosnia, Chechnya or the Genocide of Jews by Hitler. Most of us forget that the most Horrible Genocide of the Human History is done by Indian Hindus on Muslims just before 5 years from now in Gujarat, West India. The targets in this Genocide are not shooted(as in Bosnia), nor Bombed(as in Chechnya) nor passed through the Poisonous Gas (as in Hitler’s Germany). More differently, in Gujarat, the genocide is guided through Rape, Torture and Slaughter.


Two Thousand muslims killed in just 2 days of the start of the Genocide (though official reports put them to 6ooo). Thousands of Girls, Women and even Old Grand mothers were raped for the only reason that they were born as Muslims. Muslim properties are looted, shops are burnt, their families were made refugees. Even today, after 5 years of the Genocide, there are several muslims who live in refugee camps in the outskirts of the same city in which they lived in 2002.


The Genocide started on February 27, 2002 as a propaganda of Hatred that was carried out by the members of the radical Hindu Militant Organisation – RSS (Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh) after a Train in Gujarat was met with an accident in which 1 Muslim Girl and 58 Hindu pilgrims were burnt inside a compartment of the train. Minuites after the train accident, the pro-Hindutva Newspapers and Telivision blamed it as a pre-planned Murder of Hindus by Muslims. At first, the Gujarat media blamed the accident as carried out by the ISI (Pakistan Intelligence Agency), later it was blamed on the local muslim dwellers of Godhra (the railway station in which the train was met with accident). Anyway, in 2006, the scientific and forensic evidences of the Sachar Comitee Investigations say that the compartment was burnt due to an accident caused by the fuel inside the train compartment and there is no evidence to prove that the Muslims burnt it.


It has always been a routine propaganda of RSS right from the Pakistan-India partition that Muslims don’t deserve any right to live in India. The General secretary of the radical Hindu organization once in a public speech said – Muslims have 2 choices – 1. Pakistan or 2. Kabarstan (Graveyard). This man was neither arrested by the Indian Government, nor condemned by the Government.


Gujarat genocide is not just the only Genocide against the Muslims. While the muslim casualities of the Gujarat Genocide is considered to be around 20,000 (Unofficial figures. Official figures put it to 3000), the riots against muslims in Assam (1984), Bihar (1989) and Bombay(1992) were collectively considered to be atleast 10,000. These typical genocide are often neglected by the Indian Media, which itself is a more communalized one. Neither the Government considered it a more serious issue, nor the media do.

RSS has an approximate of 82 subordinate organizations among which BJP (Baarathiya Janatha Party), VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal are more familiar. While BJP is the Political wing of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are the spiritual and the militant wing respectively. ABVP(Agila Baarthiya Vidyaarthi Parishad) is the student’s wing while Durga Waahini is the Women’s wing. In each of these sub ordinates, the hatred against the muslims is the basic configuration of it’s members. The very purpose of the origination of RSS in 1925 by Dr.Hedgewar is to make India as a Nation for Hindus alone and to capture the post-Independent India from the Muslim freedom fighters who equally took part in the freedom fighting. The anti-Muslim feelings of the Hindutva RSS has it’s origination right from the Brahmins(Aryans). During the freedom struggle against the British, Brahminised Society of India had some fear that India would again fall in the Hands of Muslim Leaders (like it was from 1200 AD to 1900 AD).


The Muslim-Hatred propaganda started well during the time of freedom struggle. The Nation Leader, Mahatma Gandhi was killed by an RSS member Mr.Nathuram Godse in 1948 for Gandhi’s soft corner on Muslims and Pakistan, acknowledging muslims as the citizen of India. Though Godse was arrested and RSS was banned a couple of time during the 1950s, the Indian Congress Government’s soft corner on Hindutva allowed the then leader of RSS Mr.Savarkar to re build the organization and take it with a single goal – “India is only for Hindus”.


The riots and aggressions against the muslims were routine in the Land of India from the origin of an anti-Muslim Brahminical society. The lack of influence of Indian Government on the fascist Hindutva forces led to the destruction of Babri Masjid in 1992, followed by the Bombay riots. While all the riots are assumed to be a spontaneous over reaction of Hindus on Muslims(as claimed by some Indian media), we can notice that almost every riots against the Muslims was pre planned and executed with the support of Indian Police themselves. The situation lead various Human Rights organization to question the Indian Government for it’s soft corner of Hindutva.


Aashish Kehtan is one among the few journalists dared to convey the truth and raise their voices against the Hindutva. TEHELKA, the Weekly Magazine media which is reputed for it’s Spy Camera revelations of corruption and other evil happenings of India and Indian Politics, this time, after 5 years, has took a step forward to uncover the truth behind the Pre-Planned State Sponsored Terrorism of the Hinduised Government of Gujarat over the Muslims in 2002.


Aashish Kehtan, the journalist of Tehelka, dared to execute this spying operation in the disguise of a Member of VHP (a sub ordinate ally of RSS). This time, Aashish Kehtan has brought the truth behind the Gujarat Massacre in the words of the very men who did it. Hindu Polititians, Hindu Business men, Hindu tea vendor, Hindu taxi men. No one is barred, every Hindu participated in the genocide against the muslims, killed muslims and considered ‘raping and killing of muslims’ as their Right and Duty.


The Tehelka revelations has bought a deep Investigative journalism of what actually happened in Feb-Mar 2002. Gujarat is being ruled by BJP (the political wing of RSS) government. Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the Gujarat State, who actively took part in propagating the Muslim-hatredness of Gujarat, is now freely carrying out his works on the December Assembly Elections, preparing to form the next Hinduised Government in the state. Though all evidence are more clear that Narendra Modi is a sponsor of Hindu-Terror, and he himself is a sympathizer of RSS, he is not arrested by the Government till this minuite. Not just he. All the RSS murderers, rapists and rioters fly free on the streets of India, by daringly commenting about their rapings and Killings of Muslims.

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