Sheela Bhatt

48 year old core member of  PR mafia of Hindutva empire, Wife of Mr. Kanti Bhatt

Holds a degree in  commerce ( ) like many Gujaratis.

Spinning for sangh parivar media empire for more than 27 years.

A Narendra Modi addict,   joined in 2000, currently the Managing Editor of

formerly with INDIA TODAY Gujarat (News Television India Pvt. Ltd)

the founder of the Abhiyaan news weekly (Gujarat)

Favourite hobbies : Fake stories about Maoists, Muslim extremism and Davood Ibrahim’s under world.

One Response

  1. Very ambitious, left Kanti Bhatt ( that was to happen who know Shila) after useing his shoulders for yellow gernalism….always love to be in media … though a die hard RSS member, is a party animal and loves and thoroughly enjoys “activities in such parties”….Gujarati literature personalities do not seem to have a very “high” openion on this woman.

    It is this kind of personalities who are being accumulated by Narendra Modi to create his own brigade like Nazi…and dreaming to rule India.

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