N D Shiva Kumar

N D Shiva Kumar,TNN

Formerly working for Deccan Herald and later joined with Times of India. Worked as the prime source of fake stories during the arrest of Australian immigrant Indian Doctor, Mohammed Haneef. Closely work for the interests of Hindu militant organization, RSS.

Task assigned : Terror News Creation , Stationed at Bangalore


Times of India


Pradeep Thakur

Pradeep Thakur

He is one of the crooked journalist who is on the pay roll of RSS, India’s right wing hindu militia.

He regulary misuse his workstation to publish articles and fabricated news by quoting “IB” or “Security Officials”. His favourite victims are Naxals (Maoists) , Tribals, Minorities and Dalits. By publishing terror stories, he will be getting commission on purchases by security regime in India.

One of his old profiles is available on a website which sells right wing hindutva books online. It says:

” PRADEEP THAKUR, the only son of an Indian Air Force official, was born on 24th September 1970. He completed his schooling form Kendriya Vidyalaya, Shillong (Meghalway) and Fort William (Kolkata). After graduating in commerce from Calcutta University, he joined journalism at the early age of 21. Beginning his career with All India Radio Delhi, he soon shifted to the print medium.

During a decade-long stint in mainstream newspapers, he has worked with the India Today group’s website http://www.newspapertoday.com, The Pioneer and Patriot. For a brief period he was media consultant to India’s leading public relations guru Roger Pereira and worked in weekly newspaper Sahara Time. He is now with the Hindustan times”


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Rashmee Roshan Lall


Task assigned : Terror News Creation,  Stationed in UK


Times of India

Kapil Dixit

Kapil Dixit, Times of India

Task assigned : Terror News Creation , Stationed in UP


Times of India

Maloy Krishna Dhar

Maloy Krishna Dhar

Maloy Krishna DharCard  holder of world’s largest terror organization, Rashtriay Syamsevak Sangh (RSS)  Like many hindutva scribes,  M.K. Dhar started life  as a junior reporter for Amrita Bazaar Patrika in Calcutta and a part-time lecturer. Joined the Indian Police Service in 1964 and was permanently placed at the Intelligence Bureau. After retiring in 1996 as joint director, he took to freelance journalism and writing books which includes Open Secrets-India’s Intelligence Unveiled. By spinning for weapon procurement, Maloy is considered to be working for the global weapon trade network.

Praveen Swami

Praveen SwamiPraveen Swami is the Associate Editor Frontline magazine, and also writes for its sister publication, The Hindu. Swami, was formerly on the hit list of  Hindu  militants  and their  most extremist saffron brigade, http://www.hinduunity.org .  However, he later proved his allegiance to his parental caste, brahminism and its philosophical protectors, Hindutva.  Praveen Swami currently believed to be closely working with hindutva zealots in  Intelligence Bureau and engaged in creating fake stories against  Maoists and Moslem youths.  Within a short period of time, Praveen Swami successfully developed close relation with lobbying groups for weapon trade in various security apparatus of the country.  Even though, his personal wealth is unknown to public, he should be one of the major beneficiary of procurement of security equipments to police and defence departments.