Suchandana Gupta

Suchandana Gupta
Times of India
Task assigned : Terror News Creation , Stationed in Bhopal

Formerly with The Telegraph, Closely work with Hindutva mafia and their police affiliates in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Suchandana is a disciple of infamous Guru Ramdev. As a disciple of  this RSS centric  guru, she believes that “Yoga can cure AIDS”.

One Response

  1. CP Surendran, Current resident editor, The Times of India, Pune

    Tasks assigned : Writing against naxals, working closely with India’s Intelligence Bureau, Hindutva Terror groups and Industralialists.

    Claims himself as a poet

    Shri. Sunil Umbre, assistant district representative of ‘Dainik Samna’, Shri. Atul Badave of ‘Tarun Bharat’, Shri. Abhaysinh Kulkarni, editor of Hindu Mahasabha’s periodical ‘Kaal-chakra’, Shri. Mahesh Khiste, reporter from ‘Belgaum Tarun Bharat’, Shri. Vivek Benare, Shri. Shyam Divekar from ‘Dainik Aikya’, Shri. Shekhar Joshi, senior reporter, Shri. Arvind Pansare, reporter from ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ and Shri. Santosh Patane, a member of HJS.

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